Skritter in a Nutshell

Skritter is the best way to learn to write Chinese and Japanese, and their characters called hanzi and kanji respectively. Our tagline is "The write way to learn Chinese and Japanese." 

Here are three big reasons to use Skritter.

  • We use active study methods. Every time you review a character or word on Skritter, you are prompted to reproduce it, and reproduction teaches better and faster than passive methods. 
  • Take the boredom out of practicing, and make reviewing something to look forward to. We've even had users claiming to be addicted!
  • Skritter's spaced repetition algorithm optimizes your study time so that you study less and remember more.
If you've signed up and are looking for a How To Get Started guide, please refer to:

What does Skritter teach?

Vocabulary and more importantly Characters. (The Chinese and Japanese kind, not the cute kind like our logo).

Skritter's main focus is writing, using stroke level feedback to actually write characters-- you can study words, characters, and even full sentences. In addition to writing, we train readings, definitions, and tones (for Chinese). These parts are actively recalled and scheduled using spaced repetition principles. For a guide on the scheduling system, refer to:

What doesn't Skritter teach?

Skritter's focus is learning vocabulary and characters used in Chinese or Japanese. It's perfect for learning characters and words, and while you can study and write full sentences, it's best paired with another good language learning resource, like a teacher. We recommend using Skritter in conjunction with other learning methods like textbooks or classes. This ensures the words and characters you learn on Skritter are not used incorrectly!

What do I need to use Skritter?

Any modern device! You can write characters with anything: a phone, a tablet, your mouse, a writing tablet, trackpad, etc.; the recognition works well with any input device. If using a desktop computer, we recommend purchasing a relatively inexpensive Wacom writing tablet to best imitate the action of writing a character. 

For mobile, you can download the iOS and Android app, allowing you to write characters with your finger or stylus and study on the go.

Can I study both languages?

Absolutely! If you are daring enough to study both Chinese and Japanese, you can do so at no additional cost with the same account.

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