List Management (Android Beta)

You can manage your lists directly in the app, whether it's creating a new list, modifying an existing one, or browsing through publicly available lists to choose. 


Choosing a new list to study
Once a list is chosen to be studied, words will automatically from it as you study on Skritter. All of your active lists can be viewed in the "Study Queue" area on the Lists screen. 

A) Tap the menu icon

B) Tap "Lists"

C) Tap "Browse"

D) Locate a list by scrolling down, or typing it's name

E) Tap the (+) icon to add your desired list to your Study Queue

Creating a new list

This feature is in the works for the beta app. Coming soon!

Modifying a list
You can modify the contents of a list you've created. 
If you aren't the creator of the list, you will need to create a duplicate copy which you are the owner of. (See #4: Copying a list). 

A) Tap the menu icon

B) Tap "Lists"

C) Tap "My Lists"

D) Tap the list you want to edit

E) To add or delete a list section, tap the "Edit" icon. (Otherwise skip to Step F)

F) Tap the section you want to add or delete words in.

G) Tap the "Edit" icon

H) To add a word, type a new word in the text bar at the bottom and press enter.

I) To delete a word, tap the trash bin icon next to the desired entry. 

J) Save your changes

Creating a copy
A) From inside a list's page, click the "Copy" button

Publishing a list 
A) From inside a list's page, tap the "Publish" button

ChinesePod lists
You can link your ChinesePod account to Skritter, and study all of your ChinesePod lists directly on the app. 
A) Tap the menu icon

B) Tap "Lists"

C) Tap "ChinesePod"

D) Log in with your ChinesePod credentials 

Once logged in, you'll see all of your ChinesePod lists which you can choose to add to your Study Queue

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