Kana Handwriting

This guide explains how the "study kana" setting works on Skritter. 

Kana is the writing system for Japanese which includes both Hiragana and Katakana. You can learn to write hiragana and katakana by enabling the kana writing option, which allows you to study writing prompts for any kana present in a word. 

Writing kana on Skritter is useful when it's not already memorized and practiced, and for making sure you write the okurigana correctly. For instance, the verb "to eat" is たべる, but is it written 食る or 食べる? 

  • With the kana option enabled, you are asked to write all of the characters in a word including the kana. In the case of 食べる, you would be asked to write three characters: 食, べ, and る. 
  • With the kana option disabled, you are asked to write only the kanji present in a word. In the case of 食べる, you would be asked to write one character: 食, (skipping べ and る).

Just starting to learn kana? You can get started with these lists:

Enable or Disable the Kana Writing Option

1. Visit your account page

2. Click "Study"

3. Check the box to enable or disable kana writing.

4. Click "Save" to confirm the setting change.

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