Study Settings

This guide explains how to find the study setting page and how to change settings. A list of all the settings and their functions are listed at the end.

Adjust various study settings to optimize how you would like to study. The study settings screen is where you can change more permanent study settings, like source language, (opposed to the Quick Settings available on the study screen).

Accessing Study Settings

1. Tap your name in the upper right-hand corner, then Account

2. Tap Study

Changing Study Settings

  1. Target language: Choose which language you would like to study
  2. Source language: Choose the language used for definitions
  3. Character styles: Choose which character style(s) to study
  4. Parts adding: Select / Deselect which prompt types you would like to study
  5. Include Heisig keywords: Enable or disable Heisig keywords from displaying in definitions.
  6. Add characters when adding words: Enable to add single characters from multiple character words as their own entry when multiple character words are added.
When finished, make sure to tap Save to confirm any changes.

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