Creating a New List

Skritter offers hundreds of pre-made textbook lists and thousands of user published lists-- if you would rather create your own list from scratch, this guide will show you how.

1: Opening the Lists page

Click the Lists button on the top black navigation bar.

2: Creating a new list

Click the Create new list button.

3: Filling in list details

Type the list name in the "Name" text field, and then click Create list.

If you plan to publish the list, you may want to add a brief description in the Description text field. This can always be edited later.

4: List structure Edit mode

Click the Edit button to change the list section name, add more list sections, change the list name, or change the list description. 

Each list section can support up to 200 words.

5: Adding additional list sections (optional)

If you are using a book that has chapters, or want more than 200 words in your list, you will want to create additional list sections. 
If you're not planning on adding additional list sections, skip to Step 6.

   Press the Add section button to add and name new list sections. 

Remember to rename your list sections while in the list Edit mode
   Once finished adding and naming your list sections, click the Save button to confirm the changes.

6: Adding words to a list section

   To start adding words to a list section, click the (click to add words) link, next to the list section's name. 

   Now you can start typing words in the text field. Once done typing a word, press enter for a new word entry. 

Words should be entered in either hanzi or pinyin for Chinese. 

If what you have searched for is pulling up an unintended result, try pressing All Results to switch word entries:

   Once you're finished typing the words you want to add, click the Save button .

   Click the green link (the list's name) to add words to another list section, or to add the list to your queue. 

To add words to another list section, repeat step 6. To add the list to your queue, move on to Step 7.

7: Adding your list to study

Once you are done creating your list, click the "Add to queue" button to add the list to your studies.
 (Lists are not automatically added to your studies after you create them).

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