Stylus Input

This guide will introduce and explain the stylus input setting.

Stylus input is a writing canvas setting in Skritter: Write Chinese and Write: Japanese. When it is enabled, Skritter will use pressure-sensitive data from an input device to make the squig look more nuanced and ink-like. It is most noticeable when used in conjunction with rawest squigs for a more natural, pen-and-paper style writing experience, but can be used in any writing mode.

How to Enable

Stylus input can be enabled in the Writing Canvas Settings section of the Account Study Settings. It can also be found in the Quick Settings Drawer on learn, test, and review modes. Stylus input can only be used with the default writing canvas. It is not supported by the basic writing canvas.

Supported Devices


  • Samsung Galaxy Note series phones with S Pen input


  • iPhone 6s, 7, 8, and X with finger or an aftermarket stylus input (iPhone 11, 12, and models that don't have 3D Touch capabilities are unsupported)
  • iPad (Air, Pro) with Apple Pencil input

Apple Pencil Recommended Setting: Disable "Scribble" support on from the Apple Pencil settings menu and you'll be able to significantly increase the tap speed when writing on the canvas or tapping through cards. 

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