Mobile Settings

Learn about the different settings available on the mobile app

To access your account settings, tap the hamburger icon in the upper left-hand corner from any of the main screens in the app and then select Settings from the slide-out menu. Select between User, Study, and Subscription settings at the bottom of the app. 

Study Settings: Study settings for Skritter have been designed to try and meet all of your learning needs. Learn more about each setting in-app or below.

Review Settings:

  • Advanced SRS grading: Turn this on for the classic 4-button (forgot, hard, got it, easy) Skritter experience during Review mode

Language Settings:

  • Character style (Chinese only): Study Simplified, Traditional, or Both*
    (Only enable "Both" if you have a specific reason why! Selecting both character styles will essentially double your reviews)
  • Study Kana (Japanese only): Enabled by default. This allows you to study Kana handwriting and reading cards
  • Study definitions: Enable or disable to toggle on / off definition cards
  • Study readings: Enable or disable to toggle on / off reading cards
  • Study tones: Enable or disable to toggle on / off tone cards
  • Study writings: Enable or disable to toggle on / off writing cards
  • Bopomofo (Chinese only): Display Zhuyin instead of Pinyin
  • Heisig keywords: Enable for Heisig keywords (Remembering the Hanzi / Remembering the Kanji textbook series)
  • Popular mnemonics: Display mnemonics created by the Skritter community (note: these will not replace custom mnemonics you've created)

Writing Canvas Settings:

  • Graphics Quality: Adjusts flashy effects on the writing canvas and app performance level
  • Streak effects: Creates increasing effects on the canvas when you are on a correct stroke streak
  • Grading colors: When enabled, written characters have a color overlay with the corresponding grading color
  • Raw squigs: A more authentic writing experience. No pretty stroke snapping-- what you write is what you see on the canvas
  • Rawest squigs: A pen and paper writing experience-- stroke recognition is disabled and automatic grading is disabled on this writing mode for the ultimate challenge
  • Stylus input (BETA): Enable for thinner, pressure-sensitive strokes on compatible devices
  • Animation speed: Adjust how fast stroke animation snaps to the canvas
  • Disable swipe up to erase: Enable to stop a swipe up gesture from erasing the writing canvas
  • Animation speed: Adjust the amount of time it takes to move to the next card. Select the amount of time between cards when a card is marked as correct ("got it") and the other grades will advance faster or slower depending on what you choose

Card Settings:

  • Auto-advance: With auto-advance on, you can control the amount of time between cards once a grade has been detected. You can pause auto-advancing by tapping near the center of the screen at any time, which makes adjusting grading or re-writing a character again a breeze
  • Autoplay reading: Turning this off stops the app from automatically playing card audio while studying on Skritter. Tapping the audio icon on cards will still play word, character, or sentence audio if available
  • Sound effects: Enable for sound effects (separate from pronunciation audio)
  • Auto reveal: Automatically show hidden information once a card has been fully answered. (ex. on a writing card like 明天 the hidden information will not be displayed until 天 has been written)
  • Hide definition: Definitions are hidden on Reading cards and on Tone cards (Chinese only). They can be shown at any time by tapping "show definition" or at the end of the card if auto-reveal is on
  • Hide reading: Readings are hidden on Definition cards and on Tone cards (Chinese only). They can be shown at any time by tapping "show reading" or at the end of the card if auto-reveal is on

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