Skritter Video Courses

Learn about Skritter's in-app video courses.

Skritter's content team is continuously working to provide our users with new in-app video courses. Read about our current courses below and stay tuned for more in the future.

The Skritter Character Course

This course is excellent for both complete beginners and advanced learners alike. We take you through all the key concepts for understanding how the Chinese written language is structured. In this course, you will learn 150 individual characters along with the theory needed to master thousands more. Click here to start the course today.

The Animal Idiom Video Course

Study along with Iona Laoshi and learn 25 amazing animal idioms. Each episode breaks down contained characters, common examples of these idioms in use, and amazing art. Click here to start studying this course today.

The Number Idiom Video Course

This 25-lesson video course follows on from the animal idiom course, with short 2-3 minute videos teaching a popular Chinese idiom. Each section contains the idiom, as well as key vocabulary needed to learn the context.

Stay tuned for new in-app video courses in the future!

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