Unexpected words being added after learning activity

Some users have reported that they are experiencing unexpected words being added after learning a new word or words in a deck section. We're actively looking into a fix for this issue but here is a bit more information about the issue to help you better understand what is going on in the meantime.

Decks with words that have already been learned in another deck.

In sections the circle outline indicates that a word has already been learned in the context of another deck. Due to limitations we're working on fixing our server will automatically mark already learned words on other decks in succession as learned in the new deck. In the follow example if you mark 一 as learned then 二 三 四 五 will also get marked as learned.

Before learning 一

After learning 一

Word frequency adding is not set to manual only.

The website has a setting called "Add word frequency" which is technically only used on the website but might be unintentionally influencing adding behavior with the mobile apps as well. It might help if you change this setting to "Manual" for the time being. You can find this setting on the website here: https://skritter.com/account/settings/study

We'll continue to update this document as we learn more about this issue. If you're experiencing issues outside of what is described here please reach out to us at team@skritter.com so we can check things out further.

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