Deck Level Settings

Learn how to customize deck-level settings on mobile.

Deck Level Settings Now Available

You can now customize what card types you want to study in specific decks. These new settings will give you more control over what you study from decks, but there are also some things to keep in mind before changing your settings. Read until the end to learn more about these changes.

First, go to a deck, tap the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner, and tap Settings. 

You will then see a screen that shows the different card types: Definition, Reading, Tone, and Writing.

Next, select what card types you want to learn and review from this specific deck by toggling them on or off. 

Below the different card types, you will see Limit Sentence Types. Disabling this setting adds tone and writing cards for items you learn and review from this deck.

Updates to these settings will not remove or add additional cards to previously learned items, or remove or add items due for review. Read more below.

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Please keep these things in mind before changing these settings.

  • Changing settings on a deck already in progress does not change to the number of due cards in your queue. Basically, if you've added additional types in the past they're not hidden from the queue
  • If you enable a new card type it does not automatically add those cards to the queue on words you've already learned
  • Adding new parts to a deck does not alter the "learned" state of cards in the deck, and the only way to check what cards have been added for an item is by going to the stats
  • The only way to get additional card types for items is to manually re-learn them from the Info screen.

If you do a reset of progress on the deck, it does not actually remove item progress from things you have studied in the past.

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