Creating New Members in a Classroom

With the Classroom Client teachers can now create new member accounts. Use this guide to create accounts and have everything setup for students at the start of your trial or license! 


Create New User Accounts

Go to Create Members under Tools.

Enter in student emails and the desired usernames, comma or tab separated.

Hot Tip: We recommend using a students last name and first name when creating accounts (ex. SmithJohn). If this username is not available it will randomly assign numbers to the end of the name (ex. SmithJohn1, SmithJohn2). 

The classroom will display a member name, email, username, and password for students. If everything looks good, click the Create Members button! Please note that the member name and username may be different if a user by the same name already exists in our system. 

Once users are created please print or save the page for your records.

New member accounts are given the standard 7-day free trial when they're created. To extend subscription time please use the following steps and apply your program's trial or license code

Applying a Code to New Member Accounts

  • After entering student email and names enter the program code on the Create Members page.

  • You can also enter a code on the Manage Members page under tools with the following steps:
Go to Manage Members under Tools.

Select the members you wish to apply to code to.

Enter code where it says "Enter Coupon Code" and hit the Apply Coupon button. Expires time will be automatically updated. 

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