Study Settings (Chinese iOS)

Adjust various study settings to optimize your learning style. 


Dark Theme: Toggle between the standard light theme and dark theme.

There is unfortunately no dark theme available for the iPad app. Sorry!
Auto Advance Time: Adjusts how long until an answered prompt automatically advances to the next.

The time can be set between 0.1 second and 5 seconds, or set to off. When disabled, tap the screen manually to advance to the next prompt.
Hide Reading: Toggle to hide pinyin readings from writing and definition prompts.

You can tap to reveal the reading on both writing or definition prompts before answering them. The reading automatically reveals itself when the prompt is answered.
Stroke Order: Adjust how strictly stroke order is enforced.

The strictness can be set in increments of 5% between Off (0%) and Strict (100%). We highly recommend setting the stroke order strictness to "Strict". When set to the maximum strictness, only the next stroke in correct order will be accepted.
Raw Squigs: Toggle to show your own handwriting versus Skritter filling in your strokes.

For more information on the benefits of enabling Raw Squigs, see this blog post.
Volume: Adjust the overall volume level throughout the app.

The volume can be set in increments of 5% between Off (0%) and Max! (100%).
Sound Effects: Toggle to disable/enable sounds effects.

Disabling sound effects will not disable the voice pronunciation for words.
Auto Pronounce: Toggle to disable/enable voice pronunciation for words.

Disabling auto pronounce will not disable other sound effects.
Extra Chinese Sounds: Download extra voice pronunciations for less common words.

On the iPhone app, scroll down on the study settings screen to view this option.

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