Study Screen (iOS)

The study screen is where all the action is. You can access it by using the "Study" or "Advanced Study" buttons from the home screen of the app. Depending on your vocab settings, this is where you do writing, reading, definition, and tone prompts (Chinese).


Back to home screen

Tap the blue arrow to navigate back to the home screen of the app.
Items due for review

Each word you study will become due for review again, based on how well you know the word. This shows how many items are currently due for review.
Time spent

The timer indicates how long you've spent studying for the day. As a note, the timer will stop after 30 seconds has elapsed on a prompt, or while on an answered prompt.
Add word(s)

Tap the green (+) icon to manually add a word. You can double tap the icon to add words in bulk.
Replay audio

Tap the speaker icon to replay audio pronunciation for the current word (if available).
Detailed information

Tap the (i) icon to pull up more detailed information screen for the current word:

Pleco: Look up current word in the Pleco dictionary app. (Pleco install required).
Ban Word: Ban the current word from your studies. Words can be unbanned on the web via My Words.
Star Word: Star or unstar the current word. Starred words can be viewed on the web via My Words.
Close: Close the detailed information screen.
Send Correction: Submit a reading or character correction for the current word
View mnemonic / Edit definition

Tap the grey triangle to view or add a mnemonic, or edit the definition:

Edit Definition: Tap the pencil icon to edit the definition. It can be saved as either "personal" or "correction". Personal definitions are saved only for yourself, while corrections get sent for review to be changed for everyone.
Edit Mnemonic: Tap the pencil icon to edit the mnemonic. If you don't have a personal mnemonic, the default is the top selected mnemonic on the web version.
Restore view: Tap the grey triangle again to hide the mnemonic from view, along with the pencil (edit) icons.

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