Affiliate and Referral System

Use the referral system to share Skritter with friends, and you'll receive two free weeks of study time for each person that at signs up for a trial subscription.

The affiliate system is different from the referral system in that it can be used to earn $20 per user who signs up through a unique URL that would be assigned to you, and then in turn purchases, a subscription after their free trial has elapsed. Note: You must convert 5 sign-ups to paying members before the first payout will occur. 


Sharing Skritter with friends (referral)

You can receive two weeks of free subscription time for each person that you refer to Skritter-- you share your link which includes your referral ID and get two weeks of extra study time when someone signs up and starts their trial. Also, the person who signs up using your referral link also receives two free weeks of Skritter!

Find your unique URL and more information here:

Note: The referral URL, and the extra study time only applies to accounts subscribed via the website. Unfortunately, Apple and Google do not honor time extensions applied to accounts in this way, and you could be changed sooner than anticipated if subscibed on those platforms. Questions? Email us and we'll be happy to help!

Becoming an affiliate

Want to earn money promoting Skritter to your audience? Consider becoming an affiliate! Please email and tell us a little bit about yourself and your website/channel, and let us know that you're interested in becoming an affiliate. We'll be in contact with more information.

We picture the affiliate system being a great fit for two different groups. One is the small language school, say a center for learning Chinese in Beijing, that would post a Skritter ad on its website and give students a free trial coupon code. The language school would help its students learn Chinese characters the write way (as our slogan goes), and they would get a bit more money to spend on textbooks, teacher’s salaries, or whatever they fancy. We encourage our affiliates to be upfront about being paid for referrals. 

The second group we see using the affiliate system would be, say a Chinese/Japanese culture blog or YouTube channel that covers language learning or other related topics. You could put Skritter ads in your post, write a review, or even add it to your list of popular learning resources.

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