Vocab Settings (Japanese iOS)

Adjust various vocab settings to optimize how you would like to study.

You can access the Vocab Settings by tapping the settings gear on the home screen of the app, then "Vocab".


Retention Rate: Adjust the overall retention rate percentage

The higher the retention rate percentage, the more reviews that will be generated. If you find you have a retentive memory, you could try adjusting the retention rate lower, and likewise if you need a few extra repetitions by adjusting it higher.
Writing: Toggle to enable / disable writing prompts

Existing writing prompts already added will linger when disabled, unless you clear the app's local data.
Reading: Toggle to enable / disable reading prompts

Existing reading prompts already added will linger when disabled, unless you clear the app's local data.
Definition: Toggle to enable / disable definition prompts

Existing definition prompts already added will linger when disabled, unless you clear the app's local data.
Heisig Keywords: Toggle to enable / disable Heisig keywords from showing in single character definitions

Heisig keywords are used in the popular Remembering the Kanji (RTK) series by James Heisig.
Download Sentences: Toggle to enable / disable example sentences for words

Sentences are downloaded when a word is first added into your studies. In order to see sentences for words previously added, you can clear the app's local data after enabling the option.
Language: Choose which language to use for definitions

There are 20 source languages to choose from: English, Russian, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Romanian, Hindi, Dutch, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Cantonese. If a definition is not yet available in your chosen source language, it will default to English.
Add Frequency: Adjust how often words are automatically added

Choose from slow, normal, fast, or manual. If set to manual, no words will be added unless manually tapping the add word button at the top of the study screen.
Rare Kanji: Toggle to enable / disable adding rare kanji writings

Rare kanji, or uncommon kanji, are writings that have been marked as such in the system. Any writing deemed uncommon will not have the a writing prompt added for it unless the setting is enabled, but will add the reading and definition prompts (if those parts are also enabled in your settings).
Non-Required Kanji: Toggle to enable / disable adding non-required kanji

Many Japanese textbooks do not require you to learn the kanji writing for every word. You can enable this setting to force adding the writing, even if the textbook list doesn't require it.

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