Study Screen Overview

The study screen is where all the action is -- it's where you practice words, whether they are new or pending review. In addition to practicing/reviewing, you can add new words manually, change Quick Settings, and view more detailed information directly from the study screen.



The canvas is where you answer the various prompt types. This is where you trace the strokes on your screen, or tap to reveal reading, definition and tone prompts. Once a prompt is complete, a set of grading buttons will display at the bottom of the canvas.

For a comprehensive guide on grading buttons, please refer to this guide:

Add Word

Tap the add word (+) button at the top right hand side of the study window to manually add a new word at any time.

Settings Gear

The settings gear is where you can adjust your study settings.

For a comprehensive guide on the settings gear, please refer to this guide.

Prompt Action Buttons

Stroke Order
Tap the stroke order button to have a step by step guide to the character in the correct stroke order.
Tap the erase button to erase the character you've written, whether complete or partially written

Tap the reveal button to show the completed character outline. Once you begin to write, the character begins to fade

Correct / Incorrect Toggle
Tap the correct / incorrect toggle button to switch the character's grade from incorrect to correct and vice versa.

Word Tools

Replay Audio
Tap the speaker icon to replay the audio pronunciation.

Star Word
Tap the star icon to star or unstar a word.

Starred word can be viewed in in your Words, under " Starred".
Ban Word
Tap the ban word button to ban the word from your studies
Banned words can be viewed under Words, then Banned.
Detailed Word Information
Tap the (i) info button to view more detailed information on a word, or reference various dictionaries.

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