Continuous Review

This guide will explain our continuous review feature. 

Select your study decks and card types and go! Study sessions end when you exit the session, and incorrect cards will reappear while studying. Continuous study mode will keep track of the total time you’ve spent studying along the way and provide a Review Report after each session. This study mode is different from due cards. You can read more about due cards here

Add new cards to your queue by studying on decks with Learn mode (or mark them as learned to quickly add them to the queue). Cards studied in continuous review mode will impact the total number of cards due on a given day.

Goal: A zen-like review experience. Just press “Start Review” and Skritter will handle the rest while you study adjusting what is due based on how you score each card.

Best Practice: Great for setting time-related study goals, and putting in some extra time on a specific deck or decks.

There are no scheduling restrictions in this study mode. Overstudying can cause cards to be scheduled very far into the future. Please review with caution!

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