Daily Review

A daily collection of cards you’re studying on Skritter. The number of reviews due each day is a combination of:

  1. Cards due for review
  2. New cards added in Learn mode
  3. Incorrect cards from a previous study session

A Review Report is shown after each session with stats from the session. Things marked incorrect will be due again after the session until you mark them correct once.


Answer cards correctly and get your due count to zero! A review experience for long-term retention that is focused only on what is due for the day.

Best Practice: 

Focus your studies on what is due for the day, or on a fixed set of cards. Clear your due cards daily if you can! Select from a smaller set of cards or from select decks to clear a larger number of due cards over time. You got this!


Anything that is added via the learn mode (even if it is marked as incorrect) is counted towards your learned cards value. The learned card value is a reflection of everything that has been added to your review queue.

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