Learn Mode and Test Mode

Learn more about the Learn and Test modes found within the study decks

Learn Mode:

Study new vocabulary from the deck (or deck section) of your choice. If you’ve already learned something outside Skritter tap the “Mark as Learned” option on the Preview card. Once studied, cards will be ready for long-term retention and due for review in " Due Cards". If there is a word you don't want to be added to your review queue, just tap on the info button and ban it. 

When in offline mode, words won't be added to your review queue via the Learn mode until you are back online. You can still review any due items, however, you can't add new items to your Items Due review queue while offline. 

"Learn Mode" is a guided learning experience that shows comprehensive information by teaching the proper stroke order and allowing for lots of character writing practice. 
Practical Application:
Learn anything you want at your own pace. Skritter's hand-made content, which includes tons of textbooks and unique study decks, is perfect for both classroom settings and more casual learning.

Test Mode: 

Test your skills on any deck or deck section you want. You can sort by individual card types and even ignore banned items. You also have the option to study items you have already learned in the deck by toggling the "Learned Only" option. 


A study mode that is designed to aid short-term memory skills and test overall comprehension. The perfect opportunity for extended practice to help solidify new things you’re learning for the first time, and a way to quickly and repeatedly study vocabulary without it affecting your review queue. Words you got wrong during a test will continue to show up at the end of your test session so that you can drill down on the ones you found difficult. 

Practical Application:
Perfect for preparing for daily vocabulary tests, or studying targeted sets of vocabulary from decks or deck sections. Also, great for a quick personal challenge of the things you’re learning! Tests target short-term memory and are a great way to practice characters without affecting your spaced repetition stats which only apply to the review queue.

Expired subscriptions can only test previously learned items from Premium content.  

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