Study Decks for Beginners

Looking for a place to start? Learn about popular study decks for beginners.

Are you studying from a specific textbook? We have a large amount of pre-made decks, so we recommend looking for your specific book in our collection. If you do not currently have a primary textbook, then read on to learn about some good study decks for beginners.

Chinese Study Decks

  • The Skritter Character Course - Learn 150 individual characters along with the theory needed to master thousands more.
  • Chinese Stroke Order - Learn the principles of Chinese stroke order with eight simple rules and a bonus section at the end to really test your knowledge.
  • HSK 1 - We have listed the HSK 1 vocabulary in the order that is most useful for beginners. If you prefer to follow the order in the textbook, we also have the official order deck here.
  • 100 Common Radicals - Level up your understanding of Chinese characters by learning the 100 most common radicals.

Japanese Study Decks

  • JLPT N5 - A study deck that covers the most basic level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
  • Radicals - Learn the most common forms of the radicals used in kanji.
  • Learn Hiragana - Hiragana is one of three writing systems required to read and write Japanese. It's used for native Japanese words, grammar, modifying words, and for overall pronunciation.
  • Learn Katakana - Katakana is one of three writing systems required to read and write Japanese. It's mainly used for loanwords, however, it's also used for some Japanese words and for other nuances.

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