Student Setup

This document will show you the steps to set up a student account, including what the student sees.

The teacher is the only one who needs to access the classroom. Students do not need to log in to the classroom. They will need to log in to their personal Skritter accounts on the app and/or website to complete assignments, so you should not give them the login for your classroom.

Step 1:

First, you (the teacher) will need to set up the student accounts. You can learn how to do this in Create Accounts for Students. 

Step 2:

Before inviting students to the classroom, you (the teacher) will need to prepare the first assignment. Preparing the assignment before inviting the students will help to avoid confusion since the students will be able to see the assignment upon logging in. Once you assign the first assignment from a deck, it will automatically show up on the student accounts. 

Step 3:

After the student accounts are created and the first assignment is prepared, you (the teacher) will need to invite them to join the classroom. You can do this by sending emails or by sharing the link.

If you choose to share through the email option listed in the previous photo, the students will receive this email:

This step only applies to programs that create a classroom. 

Step 4:

Once the student receives the email/link, they will need to click on "Click here to join". At this time, students can only join their classroom on the Skritter website.

Students will then be prompted to enter their real name so you (the teacher) have a better understanding of who is in your classroom. This information will only be displayed on the Skritter Classroom client.

Lastly, they will see this notification that they have successfully joined the classroom:

Now they can start studying! You can also send the students additional emails to notify them of how many items they need to study each week.

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