Overall Classroom Progress

This guide will teach you how to track overall study progress. This is a great way to see if students are utilizing Skritter and just how much they're learning along the way!

View Overall Progress

Select View Overall Progress to see information about students in your classroom over a given date range:

From the Overall Progress page you can select a date range (weekly or monthly view) and gather classroom data about the following:

  • Time Studied: total time spent for a date or date range
  • Days Studied: will show a 1 if a student studied during a given range
  • Learned: see data about new items learned for a date or date range
  • Studied: see data about total cards studied for a date or date range
  • Success Rate: see success rate for a date or date range

Some metrics can be filtered for things like parts, words/characters, or give you the option of seeing a cumulative view of a student's overall progress

Student Activities

From the Overall Progress page, you can also select any individual member of your classroom and see a list of all activities completed over a specific date range.

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