Add, Manage, and View Assignment Progress

This guide will help you understand how to add, manage and view assignment progress on Skritter Classroom.

Add a New Assignment

Select the Add new button from the Recent Assignments toolbar.

If this is your first assignment, you'll need to Choose a new list from Skritter's library or create your own custom list on the Skritter website, which you can learn more about here. After you assign a list, it will automatically show up on the student accounts.

Select a section and choose to add a due date for the assignment.

You can also email students about your assignments, which will generate a smart link URL that will open the apps to the section assigned depending on what device the students open the link on!

Manage Assignments

Select See All to see and sort a list of all of your assignments. You can quickly copy smart links from the Assignments page and remove assignments.

Assignments can be removed from your classroom, but they will not be automatically removed from student accounts. Be sure you communicate with your students about what they need to be studying to avoid any confusion.

Assignment Progress

To view classroom progress on an assignment, just select one of the lists or sections you've assigned to your students. This will show you each student's total progress on the list or section depending on what is assigned.

Student Activities

Select an individual student from the list and you'll be able to view all activities related to each assignment, including the total time spent on each activity and any words students got wrong along the way.

Note: Assignment-level data is only available from students studying on the Skritter: Write Chinese and Skritter: Write Japanese clients at this time.

Editing List Settings

Select Edit Vocab List Settings if you would like more control over what cards or sections will be included with your assignments. For example, you can create an assignment that only includes reading and definition cards. Or, an assignment that only includes writing cards. But remember, these settings are applied globally across the entire list!

Auto Section Movement: Turning this off will pause auto-adding from this list on the Skritter Website. It is disabled by default.

Limit Sentence Parts: Turning this off will add tone and writing cards for items on Skritter that are flagged as sentences in our database. By default, only sentence reads and definitions will be added to review.

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