Viewing Classroom Progress

Learn all about tracking student progress on assigned lists and in their general Skritter studies. This is a great way to see if assignments are being completed at a glance and also check if students are spending the appropriate amount of time on Skritter!


Viewing Assignment Progress

Select the desired assignment from your classroom's main page
View individual student progress on the selected list

The progress that is visible on this page
  • List Section (where applicable)
  • List Status (adding/ paused/ finished)
  • Total Percentage of list added

Viewing General Skritter Progress

Progress is a great way to keep track of how your students are doing on Skritter. Progress initially displays Time Studied (in hours) but can be toggled for Days Studied and a variety of item stats, such as: items learned, items added, items studied, and success rate. Follow the steps below to check student progress!

Select Progress from the Tools menu.

Select the desired date and range and press the magnifying glass. This will fetch all of the data for that range from the server.

Select the desired metric that you wish to display in the table below and the table will automatically update.


There are a lot of different metrics that we can view on the Progress page. In this example let's say that I wanted to see how many word writings my students added over the past month

  1. I would first select my desired From and Range. Since I want to gather data from the past month, would set my From one-month prior to today.

  2. Next, under Show In Table, I would select Added, followed by Writings, and finally Words

  3. From this progress data, I can see what my students are studying during this time range. 

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