Dashboard Overview

This guide will walk users through the dashboard and how to navigate and use all of the settings and buttons.

The study screen is where all the action is -- it's where you practice words, whether they are new or pending review. In addition to practicing/reviewing, you can add new words manually, change study settings, and view more detailed information directly from the study screen.

Study Button

Tapping the Study button brings you to the study page, where you write characters and answer reading, definition, and tone prompts. 

Skritter automatically takes turns adding new words from all lists you are studying, along with bringing them up for review when they're due.

Study Streak

The study streak area shows how many days in a row you've kept it up. The darker the circle, the more items or time spent studying that day. 

You can mouse over a date to see how many items were studied and how much time was spent.

All Time Stats

The all time stats area shows how many total characters and words you've learned throughout all of your lists.


The lists area shows all of your active lists that are adding new words, along with its completeness progress, indicated with the blue bar.

You can study a single list section by clicking Sections next to the list's name, and then selecting a specific list section.

You can study the single list itself by clicking Study next to the list's name.

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