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Learn about the latest features, updates, and improvements to the Skritter mobile apps. These features are listed in the order they're released starting from the news features first. Happy studying!

3.7.0 Update Video

Retest incorrect Items

You can now retest incorrect items at the end of a test session. If you don't feel like doing it right away, you can come back later and reset from the progress screen's activity feed. This is an excellent way to practice newly learned material before you encounter it in your spaced repetition daily review queue.

Practice Pad

If you want to quickly write a character without being inside of the  learn/test/review modes, you can now just tap on the pen icon in the top right of the info screen to quickly access the writing canvas. This can be a good way to practice your stroke order, or test knowledge of a character before you decide to learn it.

New Video Course - Number Idioms

This 25-lesson video course follows on from the animal idiom course, with short 2-3 minute videos teaching a popular Chinese idiom. Each section contains the idiom, as well as key vocabulary needed to learn the context.

Outlier Dictionary Character Info

We have partnered with Outlier DIctionary to provide over 3000 in-depth character definitions for Skritter users. This data is provided to you for free and is a temporary partnership with the hope of making it a permanent integration in the future. If you find the tips useful and want to keep the partnership going, consider purchasing their dictionary using our affiliate link. Outlier is a paid add-on inside of Pleco, but you can buy it here to help us out. If you already own the dictionary, you can just tap on the Pleco icon inside of Skritter to jump into the full version.

Streaks, Goals, & Study Progress

July 2021--Skritter just got an upgrade. Level up your language with streaks, goals, and brand-new study progress screens!

The Chinese Character Course

This course is excellent for both complete beginners and advanced learners alike. We take you through all the key concepts for understanding how the Chinese written language is structured, which will help with learning new characters going forward. Visit featured decks to get started.

Taiwan MoE Font (beta)

Looking for a more pure Traditional Chinese writing experience? Try turning on the brand-new Taiwan MoE font (beta) support and enabling "rawest squigs." The app's font will be replaced with a more authentic Taiwanese font used by the Ministry of Education!

New Rejuvenation feature

Rejuvenation is a way to mark items you’ve learned in other Skritter decks as learned without having to study them again. This ensures that you’ll never lose any of your data, even if you delete another deck on the app. This was done automatically when studying on the Skritter website, but the process has never been this easy, or automatic until now! Learn more.

Copy to clipboard!

Quickly copy words, sentences, mnemonics, etc. to your phone's clipboard from the vocab info panel. Happy tapping!

Introducing Skritter's first in-app course! 

In-app videos have been around for a while, but this update takes them to a new level! For the first time ever, Skritter now offers a 25-episode video course right inside the mobile app. Study along with Iona Laoshi and learn 25 amazing animal idioms. Each episode breaks down contained characters, common examples of these idioms in use, and amazing art. 

This is only the beginning of what will be offered inside the app in the future, and we can't wait to bring out more structured content soon!

Watch the Trailer

A new stylus mode!

Do you have a device that has a pressure-sensitive screen* or are you using an iPad with an Apple Pencil? If so, you should totally try out the new "Stylus mode" from the Quick Settings or Study Settings screens. Turn your character-writing into your very own piece of art by combining this feature with the "Rawest squigs" mode! 

This setting can also work while using your finger, but you'll get a little more control, and it'll be a lot more fun to use with an affordable stylus ( Jake's current recommendation). 

Challenge yourself with a new writing mode

Looking for the ultimate challenge? Check out "rawest squigs" for a pen & paper writing experience. This writing mode has no hints and no automatic grading. Once you're done writing your character you can check your answer and give yourself a grade. Perfect for preparing for classroom quizzes, or anyone looking to truly master Chinese/Japanese handwriting. Access "rawest squigs" from the Study Settings screen, or from the Quick Settings drawer from any activity. Good luck! 

Note: "Rawest Squigs" is a working title. If you have any ideas of what to call this new writing mode, please be sure to drop us an email at team@skritter.com!

Be sure to check out our related articles below for the full Skritter Mobile Guide, and our Release Notes to see a full list of bug fixes, changes, and improvements. Happy studying! 

* Most modern iPhone's have pressure-sensitive screens, and the Samsung range of phones that support the S pen

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