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December Updates

Beta Feature Alert: Introducing Dark Mode

Our team has been hard at work creating a Dark Mode feature for our app, and it’s now available for beta testing! So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to eye strain during your late-night studies and hello to a more comfortable and convenient user experience, be sure to check out our new Dark Mode feature today.

Currently, enabling Dark Mode requires a manual process within the app. But, fear not! The process is incredibly easy. To activate it, simply navigate to your user settings and toggle on Neo (dark) theme. A helpful visual guide has been included below to make the process even more effortless. With just a few steps, you’ll be on your way to enjoying this feature.

Maayot Integration

You can now link your Skritter and Maayot accounts. Learn about this latest integration here. If you are interested in learning about all of our integrations, check out this doc.

New Deck-Level Settings

Reviewing just became easier with our new deck-level setting. There is now a Due Cards review button within each deck. So, if you only want to review words from a specific deck, you can go to the deck and tap on Due Cards.

In addition, you can now customize what card types you want to study in specific decks. These new settings will give you more control over what you study from decks, but there are also some things to keep in mind before changing your settings. Read until the end to learn more about these changes. Read more here.

3.9.0 Updates

The 3.9.0 release offers several exciting design and performance updates.

The completely redesigned deck browser will help you to save time while searching for a study deck. Now you can filter through all available study decks. The options include Popular Resources, Test Prep, Learn Hanzi, Skritter Made, and Content Partners.

The new filtering/sorting options will help you to organize your studies. You can now filter through study decks in the My Library and Browse sections. The filters in My Library include Starred, In progress, Not started, and Free. 

In addition, there are now more sorting options in the My Words section. This will allow you to find words easier. If you forget a new word you just studied, you can even sort through the most recent.

Visualized progress is displayed on your study decks on the Home Screen and My Library. This means you no longer need to go into a study deck to view your progress. 

The improved browsing experience will help you scroll with ease. You will notice that the scrolling speed is significantly improved compared to previous versions. Decks now load much faster, and searching through our massive library is now a breeze! 

3.7.0 Update Video

The 3.7.0 release offered many exciting updates. Learn about them in the video below and stay tuned for another video update soon. In the meantime, scroll down to find the most current updates.

New Setting: Disable Swipe Up to Erase

You now have the option to disable the "swipe up to erase" gesture. This setting makes the writing canvas more inclusive and accessible. It is also helpful to users who like to practice calligraphy!

Learn 100 Chinese Idioms on Skritter

We recently released our 4th and final idiom video course: Culture Idioms. All four courses offer section-level videos for each idiom and custom artwork. After studying these courses, you will know 100 idioms! This knowledge will help you to communicate better with native speakers. Start studying now:

Skritter: Write Chinese Updates

Learn about recent updates for Skritter: Write Chinese. Scroll down to find updates for Skritter: Write Japanese.

Du Chinese Integration

You can now sync your Skritter and Du Chinese accounts! Save words on Du Chinese and they will spawn on Skritter in a custom Du Chinese deck. A new deck will be created each month. Integration is quick and easy, read more about it here. You can save 10% on your first Du Chinese purchase with the code SKRITTER10.

MDBG Integration is Back

Some of you may have noticed that the MDBG dictionary integration was temporarily gone, but it is back now! While using MDBG, you can tap on the Skritter icon to add words directly to a custom Skritter deck. Once you have added a word from the dictionary, a custom MDBG study deck will appear in your library.

Music Decks

Skritter's content team is constantly working to create new pre-made study decks to enhance your study experience. You can now learn useful vocabulary via music in our Learn Chinese Through Music decks. There are two decks:

Pop / KTV Songs - A selection of popular songs hand-picked by the Skritter team. These songs will be very familiar for native Chinese speakers, no matter where they live. Learn one of these songs and prepare for KTV!

Indie Songs - A selection of 25 indie songs hand-picked by Iona.

We have also curated YouTube playlists for Pop and Indie songs. These playlists include all of the artists mentioned in the deck and more!

Skritter: Write Japanese Updates

On the Japanese side of things, we have been working on getting high-quality audio files into the app to fill in missing words, and have now added around 150,000 new audio files. If you're using the Japanese app, you may need to refresh your local data to hear all the latest audio. 

Check out our version history in the App Store / Google Play Store to see a full list of bug fixes, changes, and improvements. Happy studying! 

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