Streaks, Goals, and Study Progress

Learn about streaks, goals, and study progress when using the Skritter mobile app.

Streaks, Goals, and Progress

Learning Chinese and Japanese doesn't happen overnight and often requires daily practice and commitment. Making sure you keep up with your studies is even easier on Skritter mobile! You'll now be able to set and edit goals for the total number of cards you'd like to study and learn per day, see detailed stats on your learning journey, and see just how many days you've studied in a row!

Study Streaks

Increase your study streak every day by completing at least one activity on the Skritter mobile app. It doesn't matter if you're learning new items, taking a quick test, or just doing your daily review. Once you've completed the first activity of the day, you'll see your current streak appear in the application. You can also see your Study Streak on the Home screen of the app at any time, or check the Overall Progress tab for more details on your current streak and the longest study streak you've achieved on Skritter. 

Daily Goals

Stay on track with your studies by setting some daily goals!

View and edit your daily goals by first tapping the Streak icon on the Home screen or going to the Daily Progress tab. From there, tap anywhere on the edit pencil icon and adjust goals to meet your study needs. 

Cards Studied

You get credit toward your Cards Studied goal by studying in Review or Test activities. Once you hit your Cards Studied goal for the day, you'll see an alert appear on the screen. 

Words Learned

You get credit toward your learning goal through Learn activities on the deck or deck section level. Words you've previously learned on Skritter will not count towards the daily goal. The "Mark as learned" option on preview cards will also increase your Words Learned goal. 

Note: when going through a learning activity, you must complete the final card of the learning activity for the word to be marked as learned. Exiting a learning activity early will not increase the total words learned for the day.  


See just how much you're learning on Skritter with the Daily and Overall Progress tabs! 

Daily Progress

The Daily Progress tab is where you can see a daily overview of your active study time, success rate, study goals, and an activity feed of everything you've been studying. Tap on any activity in the feed to open the detailed Learn, Test, and Review reports.

Overall Progress

The Overall Progress tab is where you can get a detailed overview of everything you've studied and learned on Skritter since you first created or reset your account. This includes total words, unique characters, longest streak, overall retention, total study time, and total days studied. This tab only features one graph, but there are plans to include more graphs and additional study metrics in the future.

NOTE: The new Overall Progress tab provides a single count of the total items and unique characters you've learned on Skritter since account creation, which is the Words Learned number displayed.

We also calculate the total unique characters you've studied on Skritter, which is the Unique Character count.

Unlike previous versions where there was lots of guesswork and overlap between words and characters, the app is adding them all together to give you a single total count.

The discrepancy between a count on the web version / mobile app (if there is one) is because the new apps do not calculate the ongoing ebb-and-flow of trying to estimate what is actually "learned" at any given time on the Overall Progress screen.

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